FoWin Brand Garage Door Windows

Have you always wanted the custom garage door, but do not want to jeopordize your privacy or security? With our FoWin Brand Garage Windows you can enjoy the custom look of garage door windows and never worry about people seeing your private and often expensive items with our fake, faux, simulated, and imitation garage window styles. We can offer your garage a face lift for a fraction of the cost of a new garage door.

How do I measure my garage windows? A two car garage door is typically 16' wide and there are basically two types of garage doors. There are flat doors and raised panel doors.  A flat, 2 car garage door would normally use 4 - 36" wide x 11" tall windows or 8 -16" to 18" long by 11" tall windows depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  With a raised panel garage door you want to measure the "raised panel", or the smaller of two boxes.  Because the window frame is only 3/4" thick it will sit nicely on this "raised panel" and should not interfere with the operation of your garage door.   What if we don't have your size in our catalog?  Email us and we are happy to build to your measurements with no up charge for custom sizing. Pricing will be similar to nearest size listed.

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